Wed, 12:25: Neil -
Neil's livin it up in
the sunny coast. Mmm,
nice and beachy.
Wed, 12:23: Neil - If
ne1's wondering where I
am this week, which your
prolly not, i'm gonna
tell u anyway.
Wed, 12:23: Neil - Hey
Ya'all, whats happening
southside??? (well
south-west actually)
Wed, 11:33: Grant - You
better believe it...
except its adams, not
Tue, 23:04: Timmy - Hey
yall how youve all bĂȘen?
Grant did you really get
that bike for five
dollars in that photo?
Mon, 23:05: Stace - I
joined ur mailing list,
but no mail has been
sent yet! Get a move on
penguin boy!!
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Did you know?
Adolf Hitler was Time's Man of the Year for 1938.
random Quote
"...more and more of our imports are coming from overseas." -George W. Bush

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News and updates

Tuesday September 23rd 2003 - Elwin wants more!

Ok all, this is Elwin here. Adam's been really slack lately and hasn't updated the page in over a week! Now this is really affecting the number of visits and that affects my penguin love-life. You see, I use this page to advertise my fine body to all of the single penguin babes amongst you. So no visits = equals no babes for elwin! Pish?

Basically I'm calling on all your help! You see I, the infamous Elwin, have an idea. I figure we get Adam to put on heaps more cool content to keep the visitors pouring in. So I call on you all to give him ideas. Anything and everything will be considered. So c'mon, don't hesitate. Submit your idea now!!!

Thursday September 18th 2003 - Elwin's Being Kept Busy

Ask Elwin appears to be a huge hit thanks to all you eager question askers. He now has 21 answers to some of the most troubling questions ever thought up. Also, he has made his way to No. 1 on Yahoo and Google. Search 'ask elwin' and there is (Out of 3,720 results).

Nothing much else to update really. I Doubled the amount of 'Random Quotes' and 'Did You Know's?' That's about it. Been a bit busy at work lately. Thanks for the compliments on the site, makes it worth while.

Monday September 15th 2003 - Relive Schoolies

I know it's been awhile since an update, but tuff, I've been busy. Spent 22 hours of my weekend working at Sizzler so I haven't had enough time for a social life let alone a site update. Anyway, it has been worth the wait. I have just uploaded 45 photo's from schoolies. Now, I know you've seen them all before, but I am shutting down at the end of the year and I wanted to preserve our memory's by moving its content here.

Your all going to love this! Ask Elwin a question has just been launched. Ask him any question and he'll personally reply next time his around.

Thursday September 11th 2003 - Relauched Penguin

If you haven't noticed, is now, so update your bookmarks. Let me start off by welcoming you all to the (not so) brand new!

Reason for the change after the site only being live for 11 days? The .tk address was confusing lots of people who were putting Also the pop-up was annoying.

I would also like to introduce the site mascot, Elwin the Penguin. (What, you thought I was going to make it a fish?)

Monday September 8th 2003 - Cover your ears children!

Saturday was autosalon day. It was a huge turn out and we all had an awesome time. Don't worry if you missed the show, we got plenty of photo's and I just finished uploading 62 of them here.

Just a quick note, can we try to tone down the use of profanity and rude insults appearing on the comment pages. My mummy views this site! Thanks guys

Thursday September 4th 2003 - Wednesday = Pub night

Hey all. Well what a night it was last night!!! Hey, hey? I'm looking at you Andrew! We all went to the pub, by 'all' I mean Zeyn, Troy, Neil....ah have a look for yourself. 24 New pics for ya'll to feast your eyes on.

On another note, it's good to see all of you coming on here and leaving your comments. Thanks everybody, keep it up and I'll keep the pics coming.

Wednesday September 3rd 2003 - More Piccy's

As you can see it's all happening here! Since the launch on Monday I have added 14 photo's to the friends? page. I have added the 'Shoutbox', 'Did you know?' and 'Random quote' to the homepage and you can now join the mailing list to receive updates in your inbox.

So stay tuned, in the next couple of days I will upload more photos and add a few more bits and pieces.

Monday September 1st 2003 - Welcome Kiddy's

Welcome, come one, come all to the brand new website.

Now before you go.."What tha?" Let me explain a few things. First of all the site actually has very little if anything todo with penguins. It is just a catchy name I guess. The idea behind the site is to be just a place for me to express myself and pretty much 'dump' anything on it at anytime for people to have a little look at. The majority of the content will be what ever gets in front of my digital camera and to start the ball rolling I have uploaded a bunch of photos from Karel's party.

The site is still in it's infant stages so don't expect a lot from it at the moment, but give it time, if I regularly feed it and change it's nappys every once and awhile, I'm sure it will grow up big and strong and you all will love...or hate it..or just sort of like it...or just put up with it's existence. What ever the case may be.

I am open to new ideas, comments and what ever else you can throw at me, so feel free to email me.

Saturday 30th August 2003

Well last night was Karels party and although it was a quite one we all had fun. Check out the photo's here.

Copyright 2003, Adam Sheehan. All rights reserved.